Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Through a window

Performance. I have not heard or thought much about that term, until this past year. It is something that we probably do not think much about, but we always do... we perform. We are performers. The way one acts with her family, will be different from the way she will act with her co-workers. And in the internet world, when it comes to social networks like Facebook, its just the same. One puts on a show. Not necessarily something fake, but rather, revealing OR withholding certain things about one's self. Do I want this to be "professional" page for clients , or do I want this to be a spot to reconnect with friends or family, or do I want to use it to show photos of my work, etc... The reason why I bring this up, is because this blog is just the same. I am not really sure what to write or what to post because I am not sure what role I am performing in the blog. Is this my diary? Should I write about my feelings? Is this a spot to show photos I take? Is this a spot to talk about camera equipment or the newest documentary that has inspired me? But hey, why not all of the above? Maybe it is my "shy" or rather private personality. I like to share, but sometimes I wonder...who is reading this? Hello world ;)

Anyway, I got to visit home about a week ago. Refreshing. It was a very short visit though. First thing I had to see was the ocean. The smell of fresh air and the sound of crashing waves-- definitely something I do not experience so much living in New York. And something I crave especially since I live literally right next to the JMZ subway line.

(A View from my bedroom window)

I think it was harder saying bye to home this time around, more than it was for me when I moved (which is about a year ago). Maybe because I have no idea when I will be back. Maybe because after being surrounded by people I love and being spoiled by my mom's HOME COOKING (!), it is hard to go back to what I know I won't have or see in a while. But here I am now--back in the concrete jungle, back into the groove of things. Or rather trying to find my summer groove. Meaning, I am plotting! Writing down goals, reading, researching, plotting....

Its was hard to leave home...that's my grandma watching me leave. ;(

And that's a view of the beautiful bay that i miss so dearly.

(I think the theme of this post is definitely windows.)

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