Sunday, May 23, 2010

living in Bushwick, Brooklyn

I hear it takes about a year to adjust living here in New York. Or maybe I am making up an excuse as to why I have not been keeping up with my blog....adjustment. Absorbing. But how much can one absorb without being able to express or reflect on one's surroundings, thoughts, and experiences. How much inspiration, art, random/intellectual/enraging and engaging conversations can one undergo without being able to share. Maybe I have not been able to share with the internet world, but I feel I have other outlets in conveying my daily occurrences. Absorbing and recording, but not necessarily posting? Something I would like to do more often. I would like to say I will do more often, but seriously, no promises...

I would like to share this piece though. This past semester one of the classes I took was Documentary Time-Based--basically learning the basics of sound using pro tools and editing using final cut. so for my final project I decided to work on a project that I have been really interested in. Gentrification. For the most part, my interest rooted from my observations of the neighborhoods I grew up around in San Francisco. Conversations are endless when I talk to my fellow Bay area natives about how much the Mission or the Excelsior are changing. "It used to be like this, and now it's like this..." But once I moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, I realized that I was that new neighbor coming into a neigborhood I barely knew. I felt like I have experienced and am experiencing both sides of the coin. Which led me to my most recent project entitled, "Portraits of Bushwick: Immigration and Gentrification."

Portraits of Bushwick : Immigration and Gentrification in Bushwick from dee dee on Vimeo.

This is definitely still a work in progress. But so far, through this investigation and documentation of Bushwick, I have learned so much more about the new neighborhood I live in.

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