Saturday, December 26, 2009

First real winter

It was a Friday afternoon, and rumors were going around that a blizzard was going to hit New York 9am the next morning. I was excited just hearing about it. The first blizzard while living in NY... So I wake up the next morning a little bit past nine expecting to see snow... but none. I thought maybe, it just went around Brooklyn. And then a few hours later, I look out my window and I jump on my bed and yell, "It's snowing!!!"

Outside my window....

This holiday season definitely did not feel like past holidays... maybe its because I was not with any family this year? Or maybe its because I'm getting old? Or maybe its because I had to work on both Christmas Eve and Day? I dunno... Yesterday I had dinner with some friends who were living through their first christmas in NYC---some who lived here for years...I asked..."Why did not one go home this year?" My friend Ni responded, "One word: recession." haha.... oh, but so true.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009