Sunday, July 8, 2007

This is amazing....

I love how Mr. Koci Hernandez not only inspires, but shares a whole lot of info, sites, insight, and all that good stuff. With Vuvox I made this in literally less than 2 minutes... how fun!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I miss her

She made me feel sane.
But she disappeared.
Her spiritual trips, made me feel okay to fall on the pavement face down, smiling.
Her exuberant energy spun around in a foreign yet familiar cosmos that I danced in.
Her third eye pierced through everything, heightening my own awareness.
Her understanding of the world was like going into a rabbit hole
that I had an invitation to.
Her wonderland was full of nonsense, but had a deeper meaning,
sometimes beyond my comprehension, but not far off from my understanding.
Her tears revealed a struggle that no one knew but her.
Her scars concealed pain that only she can open and close.
Yet she had a strength that she was blind to, and beauty that was beyond her sight
Inner strength I hope she finds,
Beauty within I hope she realizes.

Monday, July 2, 2007

It's nice how one thing can lead to opening another door. Like I mentioned in my previous blog, I'm reading the book Can't Stop Won't Stop and just finished the chapter entitled, "Furious Styles." It outlines the unique styles of the elements of hip-hop from DJing, B-boying, and graffiti. In between reading the book, I find myself researching the different artists, music, movies, and people that are mentioned. For example, because of the beautiful invention of YouTube, I finally got to watch the movie, Style Wars, which by the way, made me fall farther deeper in love with New York. I also had the chance to look up a woman photojournalist named Martha Cooper, who also happens to be an anthropologist and also interned for National Geographic, so my curiousity was definately intrigued. She is known for documenting graffiti artists during the 1970's, and gaining access to "crime scenes" and gaining trust with graffiti artists. There's a recent interview with her that gives more insight to her photography and her perspective of today digital photography.


Anywho, I wouldn't be a photojournalist if I didn't decorate my blog with photos I've been taking on a daily basis. Gotta keep my wandering mind and constant framing eye happy even if it isn't a daily assignment, or a huge project--- but rather my daily life. A vidographer from the NPPA Multi-media workshop said something to this matter, "In order to capture the moments in other people's lives, one must be able to recognize the moments in their own lives."

Cousin Oliver on his cell phone while bro driving on 101..

Pieces of my first day in SJ after suffering from pnemonia:
Crossing San Fernando after going to booksale in San Jose.

At my favorite bowling alley 300: