Monday, July 5, 2010


Thanks for the inspiration Annie Lou. A good friend of mine and a talented painter, Annie Lou, posted this link. We met through our early years at San Diego State, and I don't get to see her very much, but when I do, we talk about where we are and where we want to be. Thanks for reminding me again.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Behind my Lense for a Year...

It's officially been a year since I moved to New York. I think it's a thing to record and take note of THE date you started to live in this concrete jungle. A "milestone" I think a lot of people like to keep track of. The day one decided to make that jump. It can be both a magical and harsh reality-- this city. It can be inspiring and challenging. It can be a moment of clarity or moments of uncertainty. It's something different for everyone, but no one can deny that New York has a definite attraction.

Poems, songs, books and movies are created that introduce New York as its main character... I created a multi-media piece-- okay, i created two-- about my one year love affair with this city. They are both pretty similar in terms of music and layout. But, I was quite torn in what I wanted to show with this piece--something more personal to share with friends or something more general for others to relate. Or should I find the balance between the two? I had so many photos and videos to edit through, so it was a definite task to eliminate.

So, I really like the beginning of Take One-- but I think the photos go too fast, and this piece is more a "personal piece." The pace, I like to argue, represents the speed of this past year-- it just flew by.... BUT, the second piece, definitely has a slower pace- which allows the viewer to absorb the photos longer--BUT, not all the photos I wanted made the cut. The beginning of my second piece, I feel is a bit cliche--but I do like the ending. So, I am still trying to figure out which one best represents my eye-- my experience and perspective of New York. Maybe both do--- or maybe I just need to buckle down and edit. What do you think???? Yet to make a "final" edit.

One Year in NY- Take One from Diana Diroy on Vimeo.

One Year in NY- Take Two from Diana Diroy on Vimeo.